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Weekly Classes

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    Imagine yourself healthy, joyful & at peace…

    At FY&W we offer classes taught by experienced and gifted teachers in varied disciplines and styles of Yoga. Are you just beginning your yogic journey? Try our Gentle Yoga, Hatha Basics, Tai Chi or Kundalini Basics classes – they are sure to leave you feeling peaceful and refreshed. If you prefer an envigorating practice, consider Vinyasa, Core, Power or Kundalini to raise your energy level and vibration. Do you want to awaken the goddess within? Try Divine Moves to get your hips moving and connect once more with your creative spirit. For precious mommas-to-be, our Pre-natal Yoga class is designed to help you  breath, stretch and relax as you prepare for one of the most important events in your life. We will help you tailor your practice to suit your needs. Visit us anytime as a drop-in student, or purchase one of our class packages. We look forward to getting started!

     “Live your Yoga, Love your Life.”

    • Single class drop-in $17
    • 8 class pass (use within 8 weeks) $96
    • 10 class pass (use within 4 months) $130
    • One Month Unlimited Yoga $115
    • Two Month Unlimited Yoga $225
    • Special Class Pricing: Pre-natal $115 for 6 weeks, $145 for 8 weeks, $20 drop-in
    • Special Class Pricing: Student Only Class Pass – 30 classes $299